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The food delivery startup that gave me so much, but ultimately did not succeed. I cut my teeth on proper management of a large technology stack, from Kubernetes to NestJS to React Native and everything in between - as well as leading a team of engineers.

☕️ Intenso


Brew very intense websites from

ClickUp Docs


This entire site is running from an edge-rendered Cloudflare Worker, instantly turning a ClickUp Doc into a static webpage.

Unlimited Drive Storage

Open Source

My "internet fame" moment came with UDS, an insane project that mapped files from your computer into Google Docs. Back when Google Docs used exactly zero bytes to store, my friend Chloe He and I came up with a mad solution. A slapdash of Python code, a submission to Hacker News and we had a sensation on our hands. Employees at Google even weighed in to tell us of the discussions they were having about it internally!

Grammarly API

Open Source

Allows you to get access to the results that Grammarly on the web would provide you with.


Open Source

View your Google Photos on a map

MyTutor Calendar

Open Source

Automatically sync tutor sessions to your calendar

Young Scientists Journal


Science journal for young people

Young Scientists Journal: Issue 20


Fresh issue format for a journal



Edinburgh-based counselling.


Build websites using Google Docs


An innovative motion designer.


A well-established landscaping group.

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